HRH Princess Madawi Abdulrahman Al Saud

Princess MadawiSunday 11th May7:30pm - HRH Princess Madawi Abdulrahman Al Saud an opportunity to pick up and discuss further the issues that she raised in the St Christopher’s Day Dinner on 9th May and how we can respond as a church community: Human beings are not for trafficking.

George Herbert

George HerbertSunday 8th June7:30pm - George Herbert An evening of sharing the poetry of the 17th century poet George Herbert: please either bring a favourite poem of yours from George Herbert or be ready to share in reading.

Dr Valerie Davis

Valerie DavisSunday 12th October7:30pm - Dr Valerie Davis is a psychiatrist working as a Regional Health Officer for the United States Embassies in the region (including Afghanistan and GCC countries).  She will speak on Mental health challenges among expats.

Phil Weymouth

Phil WeymouthSunday 12th October7:30pm - Phil Weymouth is an Australian professional photographer. He has taken many photos for the Lonely Planet guide series and some fascinating photos of ordinary everyday life in Bahrain as well as events like the Red Arrows.


GodspellFriday 6th December, 9:30am – Godspell will be presented at St Christopher’s Cathedral using a choir and soloists which will be a mix of young people and a few adults. Would you like to be involved?
The musical will be introduced on Friday 25th October and rehearsals will take place at 9.30am on Fridays through November beginning on 8th November.
Please see Graham Roberts or Tricia Butt(36418997)