Michael Lightfoot

Michael LightfootSunday 19th January7:30pm - Michael Lightfoot is the Director of Quality Assurance with University of Bahrain, Bahrain Teachers College responsible for establishing a comprehensive QA system at the College and seeking international accreditation for the education and professional development programmes. He has recently visited Afghanistan with Afghan Workforce Development Program and will be speaking and showing photographs from this experience.


GodspellFriday 6th December, 9:30am – Godspell will be presented at St Christopher’s Cathedral using a choir and soloists which will be a mix of young people and a few adults. Would you like to be involved?
The musical will be introduced on Friday 25th October and rehearsals will take place at 9.30am on Fridays through November beginning on 8th November.
Please see Graham Roberts or Tricia Butt(36418997)

The Bahrain Unity Quilt

Jarna JeetSunday 16th February, 7:30pm - Jarna Jeet headed up a remarkable project on behalf of the American Womens’ Association to create the Bahrain Unity Quilt drawing both Bahraini and Expatriate organizations together to create a beautiful work of art and a piece of Bahrain social history. She will speak of how the spark of an idea grew into what is on display today. The Cathedral contributed one square to this project.

Frances Stafford

Frances StaffordSunday 9th March7:30pm - Frances Stafford works as an Exhibition Specialist for the Ministry of Culture. She is Canadian and came to Bahrain in 2010 working as resident curator of Al Riwaq Art Space. Her degree is in History of Art and she has a special interest in Canadian Contemporary Aboriginal Art. She has also written five screenplays for the Director/Producer, Elbe Stevens.

Ebrahim Al Sinan

Ebrahim Al SinanSunday 13th April7:30pm - Ebrahim Al Sinan is a photographer with the Gulf Daily News and is better known to us taking photographs of our speakers, but in recent months he has gone into Syria from the north with a group of other young people. As well as aid, he took his camera and took many photographs. He will be sharing his experiences with us through his photos.