Tiling the kitchen

July 9, 2014 in Dean's Blog

KitchenAnother sorting job of the summer is around the house and two men have been working hard today tiling the kitchen floor – I think the previous tiles may have been original to the first kitchen…. They certainly have loked increasingly battered. So Tricia will be welcomed back to a new cleaner look on her return.

Tricia is currently with the female members of her family: Dinner.docxsisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, nieces in a big house on the Queensland coast north of Brisbane. I catch up with her in the beginning of August in the UK.

I’m not able to use the kitchen, so the weekly outing this time to Lanterns on the Budaiya Highway is Lanterns Iftaarperfectly timed for me. Fourteen of us around a couple of tables put together.

Good food, good company and the opportunity for all to get out and to meet those who have just joined us at St Christopher’s


Ramadan Ghagba

July 8, 2014 in Dean's Blog

Ballooons, bunting and huge crowds of people welcomed Shaikh Nasser to Sacred Heart Ramadan GhagbaRamadan GhagbaChurch for a Ramadan Ghagba, an event organized jointly by the Bahrain Federation of Expatriate Associations, under Betsy Mathieson the first of its kind and certainly an event that was appreciated by those who attended.

Bahrain TV was there and I was glad to acknowledge the openness of Bahrain to welcome Ramadan Ghagbapeople of different faiths and the genuine respect for people of different faith traditions. This is not true in many countries of the Middle East and is not something that we should take for granted.


Meal and Quartet

July 2, 2014 in Dean's Blog

Quartet.docxThe first of our weekly summer events took place on Wednesday: a meal – a simple pasta dish with salad and dessert kindly brought by Geoff and Janice followed by the movie Quartet.

In these summer months not only is there a summer exodus but people are also moving into Bahrain and finding their feet here. It really helps having a context, more than our weekly services, in which people can get together and meet.

Quartet has much to say about growing old gracefully (or disgracefully), set as it is in a retirement home for musicians with all the challenging dynamics of relationships in the home.


Funeral, Wedding and Two baptisms in less than 24 hours

July 4, 2014 in Dean's Blog

It was a privilege to take the funeral of Mark Rossiter in Awali Church on Thursday morning. It was a wonderfully inclusive Bahraini occasion with a mix of Bahrainis –men and women- and expatriates present. Although not married himself, he was obviously very close to his sister and brother-n-law’s children as they were to him. They referred to him as almost a second father and it was clear that he had many friends in Bahrain.

WeddingOn the Thursday afternoon Richard and Gicela were married. As a family they have been attending St BaptismChristopher’s on Friday mornings from Saudi Arabia and there has been a real sense for them “coming home”; this was reinforced with the baptism the following day of William and Isabella, their two children. As Gicela is from Colombia there was quite a South and Central American presence: Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico at both occasions and more than a little interest in the World Cup.


Skype with Jon Lavelle

June 25, 2014 in Dean's Blog

Jon Lavelle picI had a good conversation with Jon Lavelle on skype, who will be joining us as a curate following his ordination as a deacon on September 13th in the Cathedral. Jon has been studying at St Michael’s Theological College, Llandaff in Wales after a few years teaching in Abu Dhabi and is the first person to be selected, trained and ordained in the Diocese. I was involved in the selection conference in which Jon was recommended for training, so I am delighted that St Christopher’s can be the community where he develops his skills in ministry and I am sure that we will gain much from his time with us. He has a particular interest in interfaith involvement and there should be scope for developing that here as well as encouraging us all to reflect on the context of the Church’s life and ministry in Bahrain.