I am Malala

July 26, 2014 in Dean's Blog

 I Am MalalaIn recent days we have seen Malala in Nigeria meeting with some of the parents of children who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram (something the President of Nigeria has not yet done). It’s amazing how a teenager from the Swat Valley in Pakistan, shot in the head by the Taliban for her stand for the education of women should be such a recognizable figure worldwide, the youngest ever nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize who has addressed the United Nations Assembly in New York. But she is and deservedly so and I am Malala is her story and that of particularly her father, who had the vision to establish a school for girls and the courage to continue it despite the threats of the Taliban to close it down. Malala is clearly a chip off the old block.


The Fault in Our Stars

July 26, 2014 in Dean's Blog

The Fault in our StarsIf you want a good book to read or a good movie to see The Fault in our Starsthis summer, then The Fault in your Stars is highly recommended. The movie is described as in the ‘romantic’ genre, but it is so much more than that, dealing very sensitively and realistically with issues of terminal illness in two young people and the impact on their parents and friends. It is above all an affirmation of life in the midst of the ever present threat of death. As one reviewer writes: Lasting love requires the risk of losing it.This is not a morbid book. Hazel and Graceinvite us to laugh and live lifeto the fullest as long as we can.


Wednesday Evenings through the Summer

July 16, 2014 in Dean's Blog

HouseboatAs in previous years Wednesday evenings have given a variety of opportunities to come together over the summer months. It is not always easy to integrate into a church, if you are new to a community, but the smaller number of people attending services and the opportunity to go out on a Wednesday evening, enables that to happen.Logi's 30th We have enjoyed meals and last week we went to The Houseboat in Adliya and we were able to celebrate Logi’s 30th birthday – he and his wife Sisil and daughter Naomi have joined us from St Andrew’s Abu Dhabi. I hope that by the time the end of August comes, some of our newcomers will be asking those returning from summer leave: “are you new to the St Christopher’s?”

Yesterday we probably had the largest group yet, including two who because of their work in a hotel really struggle to get to a service at church. We went bowling at Funlandand I think some of the Kenyans among us got the best scores. It was great to have members of the Tamil community join us for this. Some of the younger ones, rather than bowling, went to the ice-skating rink in the same complex.



Getting sorted

July 28, 2014 in Dean's Blog

One of the benefits of this time of the year is that the change of rhythm gives an opportunity to catch up on those things that have been left for a rainy day (for which read July and August, especially if it is Ramadan as rainy days are rather rare here). One of those jobs has been for me to sort out a growing pile of newspaper cuttings from the past 5 years, as Robert from the Tamil community said yesterday into a ‘newseum’. My desk looks a little tidier too!


Tiling the kitchen

July 9, 2014 in Dean's Blog

KitchenAnother sorting job of the summer is around the house and two men have been working hard today tiling the kitchen floor – I think the previous tiles may have been original to the first kitchen…. They certainly have loked increasingly battered. So Tricia will be welcomed back to a new cleaner look on her return.

Tricia is currently with the female members of her family: Dinner.docxsisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, nieces in a big house on the Queensland coast north of Brisbane. I catch up with her in the beginning of August in the UK.

I’m not able to use the kitchen, so the weekly outing this time to Lanterns on the Budaiya Highway is Lanterns Iftaarperfectly timed for me. Fourteen of us around a couple of tables put together.

Good food, good company and the opportunity for all to get out and to meet those who have just joined us at St Christopher’s