Spring Recital

February 28, 2013 in Expired

Spring RecitaThursday 7th March, 6:00pm – Spring Recital – Songs by Handel, Mendelssohn, and Schubert and Italian art songs accompanied by piano, trumpet and flute.Erika Nottingham Rawles (Soprano) &  Vaughn Miller (Tenor)
Dana Smith (Piano) Andy Holman (Trumpet) Paul Bagshaw (Flute)

Tickets BD 5 from Cathedral Office or at the door


Michael W. Smith Concert for Peace

February 28, 2013 in Dean's Blog

MWS Concert 1The long awaited Michael W. Smith Concert for Peace was staged at the Isa Town indoor stadium, a fine venue holding up to 4000 people. We left to be there in good time as I had been invited to lead the opening prayers, but need not have worried as it didn’t formally begin until an hour later awaiting the arrival of some participating guests. The stadium was probably about 90% full and there was an expectant atmosphere and a sense that history was being made with such a public, identifiably Christian, event supported by the Government of Bahrain. There were speeches from members of Ta’ayosh, The Bahrain Society of Tolerance and Coexistence of Religions and the Minister of State for Information and Affairs was present. MWS Concert 2I was sitting among Bahrainis, who were clearly enjoying the event, especially the young people who wanted to be photographed with the stage in the background. The 100 strong choir did very well and it was good to see so many children involved and Michael Smith was very gracious in the way he spoke and his songs and music
were clearly widely appreciated.

Diamond Jubilee Recital

February 27, 2013 in Expired

MThursday 14th March, 6:00pm – Diamond Jubilee Recital

Manama String Quartet  

Schubert Quartetsatz
Samuel Barber-Dover Beach
George Butterworth – Love blows as the wind blows.


Goat Days

February 27, 2013 in Dean's Blog

Goat DaysIn preparation for Benny Benyamin coming to our living room dialogue, I ordered his Goat Days and it is a very readable book about Najeeb, who pays a considerable amount of money to a middle man to fix him up with the necessary visas and permits to work in a company in the Gulf.  He leaves his pregnant wife, hoping to be able to send money back home to support herand resource their dreams, and flies to Saudi Arabia, but there is no one to collect him from Riyadh airport. Eventually he is picked up by a man and taken in the back of a pick-up truck out into the desert where he is effectively held as a slave, working as a goat herder. The goats become his closest companions. He eventually escapes and has many adventures along the way before he ends up in jail and is deported.

Grief Matters

February 26, 2013 in Dean's Blog

Grief MattersAfter a false start two weeks previously, I started the DVD  Grief Matters -Learning to cope with Loss course on Monday evening with six attending the first session, some with a continuingly raw sense of loss, others with no experience of significant loss in their lifetime. Three others have since said that they want to come and I think it will be very valuable: the teaching is clear, it is rooted in the experience of individuals, who have had varied experiences of bereavement, and there are professionals, closely involved with the dying and death drawn into the discussion.