Grief Matters

A course to be held on Mondays at 7.30pm in The Deanery starting Monday 25th February 2013.  Bereavement is always a painful journey to go through and for expatriates the challenge of distance sometimes makes the working through of loss all the more bewildering.
The course is based on a DVD prepared by Dr Bill Webster, who founded the Centre for the Grief Journey after the experience of the death of his wife and reconciling his own loss. For more information on him and the centre:

Recognizing your loss

Monday 25th February: The problem of grief and Every life tells a story

Monday 4th March: Understanding grief and what we lose

Monday 11th March: Understanding our emotions /Reliving our memories

Learning to Cope

Monday 8th April : Coping with grief / Coping with guilt

Monday April 22nd   Coping with anger / Coping with adjustments / Coping with special days

Re-organizing your life

Monday 29th April: Reinterpretation: converting the relationship / Redefinition: Search for a new identity

Monday 6th May:  Reinvesting myself / Search for faith and meaning

Monday 13th May Reconciliation with my loss…The Journey continues…How to help a grieving person

Do you want to know more?

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