Friday Club Spring 2016 Programme

Friday Club 2016                    

Happy New Year!

As a New Year begins, in January,we meet Jesus through people he met and changed, in our 4 groups – Seedlings, Sprouts, Circle of Life and Samaritans.

On Saturday, 30 January, we paint our Lent pots at the Deanery, ready to give out to everyone at the Family Service on Friday, 5 February, when we run races with pancakes after church, at the beginning of Lent.

During Lent in February and March, we Count our Blessings, putting money in the Lent pots day by

day, which goes to the Ecumenical Conference of Charity to help people in need in Bahrain, and prepare our Easter play.

Halfway through Lent, we thank God for our Mums at the Mothering Friday service on Friday, March 4.

Our Easter Play will be presented on Palm Friday, March 18 at the 9.30 am service. Good Friday Family Service is 25 March, and Easter Sunday 27 March, both at 9.30 am.

See you there!

For more details, talk to Tricia Butt (3641 8997) or Sara Axtell (3944 9017)